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I’m an Astronomer-turned-Data-Scientist-turned-self-taught-Data-Visualization-Designer. Here you can find all of the Data Visualizations that I have created, my Blog about these projects. Also check out the Resources section to find my favorite Visualization & learning Data Visualization resources

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Browse through any of my projects to see why I made it, what tools were used and where I got the data from. Of course here you can also find the images or, sometimes in the case of an interactive visualization, a working example and several snapshots detailing the different aspects of each project

Each of these were created in my own time, almost always with freely available data and since december 2014, after I finally “saw the light” and knew that I wanted to do data visualizations the entire day. Now I spend as much of my free time reading books about information visualization, taking online courses, participating in visualization competitions and somewhere in there, creating new visualizations whenever I have an idea that I want to pursue

I’ve created some entirely with D3.js and others where I start in R to get the basic chart ready and then imported it into Illustrator to spice things up a bit and make it more captivating and understandable

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I also write blogs, usually about my projects to give a lot more background information. Or a tutorial about something interesting I figured out to code or make. Also on data visualization topics that have not turned into a project, but where I had something to share nonetheless

A blog about a project typically answers questions such as

  • How each project / topic got started
  • The process I went through to get to the end result
  • What obstacles I came across (or still have)
  • Why I made certain choices
  • What I learned from it
  • What the final functionalities are
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