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Working with Nadieh was a joy. I was struck by her ability to clearly communicate her intent during the sketch stages, her fresh ideas for visual solutions, and her deft handling of complex datasets.

We worked with Nadieh over a period of six months [...] and would do it again in a heartbeat. Her technical skills, design sense, professionalism and rigor are second to none.

Data Sketches: A Journey of Imagination, Exploration, and Beautiful Data Visualizations

I co-wrote this giant coffee table book that takes you along on the design & creation journey of the 24 "Data Sketches" projects; showing every step between starting with only a topic idea, to getting the data, sketching ideas, and the final data visualization. In between we share all the practical, and a few technical, lessons we've learned along the way. Of course it's also full of large, indulgent images of our sketches, work-in-progress, and final results.


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DataViz Print Shop

You can get several of my projects as high quality data visualization prints, created with archival inks and rich, thick and textured papers.

Figures in the Sky — Orion & Betelgeuse Art in Pi - 100 000 digits Sky Map Marble Butterflies #1831 Figures in the Sky — Ursa Major & Dubhe

I also love to speak & teach about my passion for DataViz and Art

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at conferences such as

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