Nadieh Bremer

An Astronomer who found out she loved Data Visualization

I’m a freelancing data visualization designer and artist, working from Amsterdam, with a background in data science. In 2011 I graduated as an Astronomer from the University of Leiden. Looking for more tangible and dynamic work I left the world of Academia and worked as a Analytics Consultant at Deloitte for four years.

It took me a while to figure out that, although I liked doing data analysis, I loved the visualization of the analysis and insights. In my evenings and weekends I started teaching myself about the subject of data visualization and I also created this website & blog to share my personal projects. A year later in 2015 I got the opportunity to join Adyen as a full-time data visualization designer. There I worked on designing & building dashboards and other data visualizations for their client environment.

However, after a year I figured out that my passion lies with the more creative kind of data visualization, not dashboards. So I quit my job to become a freelancing data visualization designer to explore if there is a market for unique and captivating visualizations of data.

My projects include both web-based interactive visualizations, frequently using a storytelling technique to show insights into complex data and static visualizations that typically allow a bit more freedom in their design. I also like to explore the world of data art. Something that wouldn’t look bad hanging on a wall, or that can be used as branding/marketing material. If you like my designs you can also get prints of some of my works.

Besides creating visualization I love to spread my enthusiasm for good data visualization by speaking at meetups and conferences and I also hold workshops on how to create creative & effective data visualization.

If you’re interested in my projects & experiments, please feel free to contact me to find out how we might work together!


I love teaching others new things. That’s why this page also has tutorials and resource sections. And I’ve had the pleasure to speak to others about a wide variety of topics in the last year

Feel free to contact me if you’d like me to come and speak at an event, meetup or another gathering of people

Nadieh Bremer, data scientist, set the bar for data visualization extremely high by showing stunning ways to derive meaning from giant sets of data. A very inspiring showcase where science meets art & designFerdy Christant | Fronteers Conf 2016
  • data sketch|es – A year of exotic visualizations Taking you along on a journey through my lessons learned, challenges faced and the insights gathered from doing data sketch|es, a year long collaboration that I did in which I designed and created an extensive data visualization each month, during 1 year.
  • Hacking the Visual Norm It’s the data that should define what chart to use, not some tool. By taking you through a years worth of data visualizations made for business & personal experiments I show you the different ways that you can go beyond the norm to create visualizations that are optimized to show their insights
  • SVGs beyond mere shapes Full of data visualization eye candy to inspire. Showing people what fun and effective things you can do with SVG gradients & filters, which brighten up any visual and make it more effective
  • The Psychology of Seeing Although we behave successfully in the world, we do not see it according to physical reality. Our mind plays tricks on us. How can we use this knowledge to create better data visualizations?
  • Storytelling with Data How can you convey a difficult concept, dataset or algorithm to an audience? How can you make the audience interested, engaged and make them remember? By employing a storytelling approach
  • Introduction to D3 An introduction to D3.js for people who only know of it by name. Only a basic familiarity with HTML, CSS & JavaScript is needed
  • Visualizing the impact of Millions of People on the Move A journey through the design process of my award winning data visualization on urbanization. Showcasing things that never made it and the improvements thought of

Upcoming talks

Graphic Hunters

March 29th 2017, Utrecht, the Netherlands

workshop only

Malofiej logo

March 11 – 16th 2018, Pamplona, Spain

logo Render conf
Render Conf

March 23rd 2018, Oxford, UK

CSS Day logo

June 14 & 15th 2018, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Smashing Conference

June 26 & 27th 2018, Toronto, Canada

Reach out if you’d like me to speak!

Past talks

JSConf Asia
January 25 – 27th Singapore watch the video
Data Visualization Meetup
January 17th Munich, Germany
Beyond Tellerrand
January 16 & 17th Munich, Germany watch the video
Frontend Conference Zurich
February 28th & March 1st University of Twente, the Netherlands read the feedback
Graphic Hunters Workshop
November 2nd Amsterdam, the Netherlands
September 22 & 23rd San Francisco, USA
Data Visualization Workshop
September 8th Antwerp, Belgium
Reasons to
September 4, 5 & 6th Brighton, UK
Frontend Conference Zurich
August 31st Zürich, Switzerland watch the video
Graphic Hunters Workshop
August 24th Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Pixel Pioneers
June 22nd Bristol, UK
Beyond Tellerrand
May 15, 16 & 17th Düsseldorf, Germany watch the video
May 5th Berlin, Germany watch the video
Fronteers workshop
April 28th Utrecht, the Netherlands
OpenVisConf 2017
April 24 & 25th Boston, USA watch the video
d3.bayArea meetup
April 13th San Francisco, USA read the feedback
Smashing Conference
April 4, 5 & 6th San Francisco, USA watch the video
March 9, 10 & 11th Munich, Germany
Qlik Dev Group
February 28th & March 1st London & Edinburgh, UK
February 17th London, UK
Frontend Conference Zurich
February 28th & March 1st University of Twente, the Netherlands read the feedback
December 14th Amsterdam, the Netherlands
amsterdamUX meetup
December 7th Amsterdam, the Netherlands
CSSConf AU 2016
November 30th Melbourne, Australia watch the video
Fronteers Conference
October 5 & 6th Amsterdam, the Netherlands watch the video
Generate Conference
September 22nd & 23rd London, UK watch the video
Reasons to
September 5, 6 & 7th Brighton, UK watch the video
DomCode Meetup
May 31st Utrecht, the Netherlands
OpenVisConf 2016
April 25 & 26th Boston, USA watch the video
Public guest lecture
April 19th University of Twente, the Netherlands
UtrechtJS Meetup
March 10th Amersfoort, the Netherlands
Infographics Conference
March 4th Zeist, the Netherlands
Frontend Conference Zurich
February 28th & March 1st University of Twente, the Netherlands read the feedback


Videos of my talks
“So, what’s with that name?”

Well, I’ve always doodled a lot and one of my favorite doodle forms actually looks like a cinnamon viewed from above, like my logo. That’s what first got me on the Cinnamon idea and when I then realised that I love the taste of cinnamon (in appropriate dishes of course) and actually like the word itself, nice letters and sound, that was enough of a positive vibe for me to name my site Visual Cinnamon. And hexagons actually became my favorite simple geometrical shape in 2012 when I got heavily involved with Self Organizing Maps.


During my Bachelor and Master I studied very hard to become an Astronomer. It was the beautiful photos of the amazing objects in our Universe that first got me attracted to the subject and when I found out in High School that Math and Physics (especially nuclear physics) were my favorite subjects, the choice for University was pretty clear.

I learned many amazing things, about the life of Stars, the creation of our Universe and the non-intuitivity of Quantum Physics and loved all the math and programming I had to learn along the way. I graduated in Cosmology, investigating if the density of galaxies was a good primer for the amount of Dark Matter surrounding those galaxies using simulations.

However, after 5 years I knew that a PhD was not the right fit for me, so I left after graduating to start my career as a Consultant in Analytics, still working with lots of data, but now usually on customers or transactions instead of stars and galaxies. Less romantic but more tangible, less rational but the same amount of mystery.

If you’re looking for a uniquely crafted data visualizationcaptivating data artdesign advice or a passionate speaker, let’s get in touch!
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