Created during March 2022

Amorphous Symmetry

“Amorphous Symmetry” is a collection of 10 unique pieces, all stemming from the same underlying generative algorithm. They once came into existence by the motion of multiple circles rotating around each other, before getting caught in an endless drowsy dance of symmetry flowing along their silky curves. These pieces were be exhibited at the International Modern and Contemporary Art Fair in Milan on LED Walls at the Piazza Gae Aulenti square during 1-3 April 2022 through Art Innovation Gallery.

White on Red

Duotone | Aqua + Red

This collection is a continuation, a tangent, in my never-ending exploration of the mathematical functions of circles rotating around circles (which many of us associate with “spirographs”).

My aim was to create an algorithm that would lend a calmness and be visually mesmerizing like fire, or lava lamps, to the symmetrical shapes of spirographs. Something that you would display on an LED screen in your home, subtly moving in the background, without being too loud.

Although each piece comes from the same underlying algorithm, with >95% of the code shared between them all, I manually curated the final ten shapes that became the collection, and selected the color palettes and several other minor parameters to bring out the best of each shape.

You can buy one of the Amorphous Symmetry pieces on Foundation.


White on Blue