Created during August 2021

Coiling Curves

“Coiling Curves” is a small collection of three artworks sold digitally and two turned into high quality wooden jigsaw puzzles. These pieces came from a tangent of one of my many spirograph base explorations. These take the spirograph paths and turn them into chunky, vibrant loops that weave into each other.

Coiling Curves #2 & #3
Putting together the Coronium jigsaw puzzle
The never released Coiling Curves #4

As yet another exploration of spirographs, I looked into making some “chunky” spirographs (using a vibrant color palette). The chunky-ness of the results didn’t turn each output from the algorithm into a visually beautiful result. However, when “all the stars aligned” it had some amazing results! I therefore knew I wanted to turn this into a tiny set of less than 10 pieces that I would manually pick (from hundreds of outputs). Finally, three Coiling Curves were sold as some of my first NFTs on Foundation in the summer of 2021. You can see them here: #1, #2 & #3.

As a jigsaw puzzle lover, I was excited when Artifact Puzzles reached out to me in the fall of 2021 to ask if they could create some jigsaw puzzles with my art. This company creates high quality wooden jigsaw puzzles using original art from a variety of artists. We looked at the options in my portfolio, and the Coiling Curves pieces that I had recently released seemed like they could be a great fit for some puzzles with a fun twist on the typical “gradient puzzle” while also having a unique shape (not square).

I therefore selected a variety of new outputs from the algorithm and two were chosen to turn into puzzles that were released in the summer/fall of 2022. I’ve put these puzzles together myself and I’m amazed by the vibrancy of the print on the pieces, how unique each piece is, and how much fun they are to put together!

You can find all the puzzles available from Artifact Puzzles featuring my art here. And you can see a short video I made about putting together the “Nebulium” puzzle on my Instagram here.

A close-up of Coiling Curves #1
Putting together the Nebulium jigsaw puzzle
Coiling Curves #1

The completed Nebulium puzzle
The completed Coronium puzzle