Created during January - May 2022

Dreams of Hubble

“Dreams of Hubble” is a small collection of triptychs, all based on some of the most famous and colorful photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. Various layers of triangles elude to the original photo that this piece was created with. It takes the details of the photo to an abstract level bringing it back to its most basic shape and colors. Each part of the triptych shows a different level of this abstraction, from highly abstract to being able to recognize the nebula or galaxy (if one is familiar with the original photo).

Westerlund 2 | #2
Antennae Galaxies | #3

The full triptych of the Butterfly Nebula

My love for astronomy started when I was a 10-year old girl and randomly picked a book from our school’s library about our solar system. It didn’t take long to become completely fascinated with “space”. The images of the Hubble Space Telescope quickly became a major reason why this fascination grew, with its fascinating shapes of nebula, galaxies, in vibrant colors.

When working on an algorithm that looked at a way to abstract a photo into its base colors and overall shape it was clear that I wanted to use some of Hubble’s photos most beautiful photos as the base.

Although each piece comes from the same underlying algorithm, with >99% of the code shared between them all, I manually curated which of Hubble’s many photos become part of the collection and choose between >100 abstraction levels to choose the three that have the most beautiful and interesting shapes and colors.

Currently three sets of “Dreams of Hubble” are already available to buy on Ninfa with a handful of other sets also becoming available if there is an interest for it.

Sharpless 2 | #2

Crab Nebula | #2
Pillars of Creation | #3

The full triptych of the Antennae Galaxies