Created during August 2021

Elemental Flows

This is a “Generative meets Data art” collection of 4 + 1, revealing data about some of the most important elements that we humans (now) need to live; Earth, Water, Air, Sun + Digital. They all stem from the same underlying algorithm. However, each piece is differently fine-tuned to form a representation of their element.

Elemental Flows - Earth
Elemental Flows - Water
A zoom-in on Air
A zoom-in on Earth
Elemental Flows - Sun

For this collection I combined elements of generative art and data art. Each piece uses the same underlying flow algorithm, but I’ve fine-tuned each to look like the element I’m trying to convey.

I went with the elements of Earth, Water, Air, Sun. Yes, Sun instead of Fire because (perhaps as an Astronomer) I think sunlight is a far more necessary element than fire. Finally, as an “extra” element I added Digital, since many people wouldn’t/couldn’t live without this being part of their lives.

For all pieces, except Digital, I’ve added data relevant to the element as “obstacles” in the flows. Tree density for Earth, rainfall for Water, air quality for Air, and sunshine hours for Sun.

Elemental Flows - Air
Elemental Flows - Digital
A zoom-in on Sun
A zoom-in on Water