Created during May 2023

Fleeting Thoughts

“Fleeting Thoughts” is a small 100-edition generative art collection that I created for the “Flatlands” exhibition of Each piece in the collection represents a visualization of our inner thoughts. Thoughts come together to form coherent ideas, thoughts diverge into different paths creating chaos, thoughts conflict into opposing sides. Our minds are ever in flux.

The main image used for the Fleeting Thoughts collection - an out-of-bounds version

Fleeting Thoughts #33
Fleeting Thoughts #52

Fleeting Thoughts #54
Fleeting Thoughts #42

Fleeting Thoughts #6 & #92 side-by-side

Step into a realm where thoughts take on vibrant and fluid forms, where the abstract domain of the mind comes alive in visual displays. This collection invites you to explore the intricate world of our inner thinking. Each artwork in this collection serves as a window into our thought processes, offering glimpses of the dynamic nature of our ideas.

Capturing those moments when ideas coalesce, forming tangible concepts; when thoughts branch out in every direction, exploring the vastness of imagination; and when we sense contemplative unease and our thoughts convolve in tumultuous disorder.

Look into the enigmatic landscapes of the mind, where thoughts take on tangible form and dance in dazzling displays of creativity and introspection, embracing both the serene clarity and the disorienting chaos that resides within us all.

Fleeting THoughts #3

Fleeting Thoughts #85
Fleeting Thoughts #10