Created during May - July 2022


“Obscured” is a collection I created for the Unpredictable Lines exhibition held by C-VERSO / Cortesi Gallery between 7 July - 5 August, 2022 in Milan. Although you see dozens or even hundreds of triangles, some fully colored, others hatched, no actual lines or corners are drawn. Instead, everything on the canvas is drawn from millions of perfect circles.

Obscured #2

Obscured #4
Obscured #233

Obscured #92
Obscured #209

No actual lines, no masking, no hard edges, instead everything on the canvas is drawn from millions of perfect circles. I wanted to explore how I could create overlapping shapes, lines, and possibly a Moiré effect (although I moved away from the latter early on in the creation process) by using just tiny dots. After some initial tests I was immediately drawn to the gritted texture I could create on the screen. As if I had screen printed, or riso printed the triangles on the canvas.

Other major aspects of the collection are the triangles. A piece can either have only a few dozen large triangles, several hundred very tiny ones, or ±200 averaged in between. The triangles together can either create a shape in the center, or fill the entire canvas. And you can have anywhere between one and three overlapping layers of triangles.

There are several more subtle variations within the collection, such as the way the hatching works, the spread between larger and smaller triangles, how the color sampling works, and more.

Although the full “Obscured” collection has been fully minted, you can still browse the Secondary Market to possibly buy one of the pieces on sale there.

Obscured #242
Obscured #249

Obscured #163
Obscured #236

Obscured #24