Created during September - October 2022

Twistings / Explore

“Twistings” is a generative art collection of 256 pieces that was released on fxhash. It explores the beauty & variety that is hidden within the simple math of Archimedean spirals. Each piece in the collection is created from the same underlying spiral-based algorithm. There are seven different circular “entities”, each brought forward by using slightly different mathematical settings of the spiral formulas: Drops, Circles, Fireworks, Flowers, Roses, Spirals & Twisters.

Twistings #137

Twistings #227
Twistings #164

Twistings #26

While working on my code for what would become my “Twistings” algorithm I realized that I love both the concept of a heavily curated set, hand picked by the artist, the best representation / the most beautiful, but also the concept of the larger, random collections showing the variety hidden within the algorithm.

I’ve therefore created, and released, both an “Artist Curated” collection of seven pieces that I meticulously hand-picked from over 1000 outputs. (Four of the seven pieces from the curated collection are still available on 1stDibs).

However, I wanted people to also be able to see the variety within the algorithm, within the spirals, within the colors. I therefore also released this “Explore Variety” collection of 256 pieces as my first collection on fxhash.

Twistings #25

Twistings #184
Twistings #220

Twistings #60

Twistings #11
Twistings #237