Created during September 2021

Wanderings of Stars

The three pieces in this generative & data art collection reveal how the stars in our night sky are moving through the “lens” of how our current constellations are pulled apart as time is either moved 400,000 years into the past, the future, or both. These pieces place you as an outside viewer, looking at the night sky as a sphere with the stars and constellations drawn along the outside, and our Earth a theoretical speck in the center.

The Wanderings of Stars - Future
The Wanderings of Stars - Present
A zoom-in on the Future
A zoom-in on the Past

The constellations in our sky feel like they are ever constant. However, nature is always changing. The vast distances and timescales of space make the movements of the stars almost imperceptible across generations. However, when viewing them across hundreds of thousands of years, it becomes apparent that our skies can, and have, looked vastly different than they do now.

This collection consists of three pieces: the Past, the “Present”, and the Future. Each has been sold as an NFT on Foundation.

Each of the pieces is styled using inspiration from the time period they represent. The Past uses colors often found on vintage space posters. I’ve also added a grain an very slight blur over the piece to make it feel even more like an older image. The Present uses very vibrant colors, colors of flowers, which only bloom for a short time, and the colors of today’s social media platforms. Finally, the Future is inspired by the user interfaces often seen in sci-fi and space movies, heavily using glow, teal colors and a crisp look.

The Wanderings of Stars - Past