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Sharing several different techniques you can show (the same) data visualization differently on mobile and desktop

Tutorial & D3.js

For me making a data visualization look good and be effective on both mobile and desktop is one of the most difficult aspects of my work (next to browser bugs, implementing interactivity and optimizing performance). Although there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution I have found several …

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Learning data visualization

See my personal favorite resources to help you get better in “the visualization of data”. Learn about best practices & the design process from other dataviz practitioners and useful tools through articles, tutorials and useful websites.


Dataviz books reviews

One of the first things I did after throwing myself into data visualization was to read lots of books about best practices. Here you can find reviews that I've written on each of the books. Hopefully it will help you decide which book to read.

Want to learn how to take your data visualization beyond the default?

You can take my 'Customizing Charts for Beauty & Impact' course, in which I share my favorite techniques to go beyond the default to create beautiful, effective, and custom data visualizations.

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