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Great that you want to get in touch! I’m freelancing full-time, so let’s connect if you’re looking for a uniquely crafted data visualization, captivating data art, design advice or a passionate speaker. Of course, if you want to contact me for something completely different, that’s fine too! I’d love to hear any thoughts or comments that you want to share.

I’d love to help you with

Uniquely crafted data visualizations

When you have a dataset filled with insights that you want to get across to your audience in an engaging, creative and effective way. For example, a visualization of your companies shipments across the Globe in a year to use in advertising on your website or a poster, or what the impact a Nobel prize might have on a scientists career afterwards for a magazine. I create visuals in both in a static and interactive sense, build with R, Illustrator and/or d3.js.

I can also help if you have data, but do not know exactly what’s inside. With my background in Astronomy and 4 years as a consultant data scientist I have many hours of experience with data preparation & analysis. From simply joining several datasets to running machine learning algorithms. Afterwards we’ll discuss the insights found and how to visualize these in an interesting manner.

Captivating data art

For branding or the office. Although data is usually hard numbers and facts, by adding a human touch through the visualization of these bits of information, you can create stunning pieces of work that grab the attention of the viewer. And because it is your (company’s) data it will be inherently unique and special.

Let’s explore the possibilities in your data together! Think about creating a piece of art (or a set) to hang in the office. To use as branding material; backgrounds on stationary, business cards, a piece on the website, the flyers of an event, etc. Or if you have another idea where your data could be transformed into something visually captivating, I’d love to hear.

A passionate speaker

I love to speak & teach about my passion on (creative) data visualization. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at international and renowned conferences on web design and data visualization. I’ve talked about subjects such as using a storytelling approach to convey complex data, going beyond the default to create more effective & interesting visualizationsthe psychology of seeing, a journey through my design processes and more.

If you’re interested in me to come and speak at an event, meetup or another gathering of people email me with your wishes and information about the event. If the event is abroad & due to being a freelancer I do require a compensation (travel & honorarium) for the fact that I cannot work (as many hours) during that time. See my speaking section for more information about what I’ve talked about and where I’ll be appearing in the future. I hope to hear from you!

Data visualization design advice

Perhaps you already have a design for a data visualization, or you want to incorporate data visualizations as part of a bigger project or tool. I can take the role of advisor or designer in these cases. I can straighten out an existing design, remove the clutter and improve the overall aesthetics.

Although I will not be the person building the visualization in these cases, my background in data & programming helps me to understand the technical difficulties or requirements that lie beneath turning the design into a workable visualization. Furthermore, having worked as part of a front-end team I have experience in creating designs that other people can understand and build.

I’m not taking on

To perhaps save you some time in typing an e-mail, I am focusing only on creating visualization that are using a fixed dataset. I want to help you get the insights from that dataset across to your audience in a captivating and effective way. After a few years of experience I know now that I am an experimenter, a prototyper, looking for a creative, unique and interesting angle. Therefore, I am not taking on the following kinds of projects:

  • Dashboards I do not create data visualizations for which the data that needs to be visualized is not fixed and changes (continuously), think especially of a typical dashboard. I find that the more different data a visualization needs to handle (such as a chart that is updated with new data each day), the more constraints it takes on and the less you know about the possible insights that the resulting chart will show. This usually results in bar charts and line charts being the best options. All of this combined does not permit a lot of creativity. And after many, many dashboards I’ve figured out that they drain me and do not excite me anymore.
  • Data visualization tools I’m also not your person to develop data visualization charts / products to embed within a larger tool. I’m a prototyper with a creative approach to getting insights across to an audience. I can however build a standalone chart for you, that your front-end team can build into a bigger tool, who can take into account the ecosystem in which the tool is situated.



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Great to see that you’re still here and if you’re interested in hiring me, super! Just let me know what you looking for, maybe a short description, timelines, whatever you can share already and then we can start from there ^_^

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