Revealing the stories & insights from your data in a beautiful & effective way

In 2016 I was chosen as Rising Star and in 2017 I became Best Individual in the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards. I’ve worked with small start-ups, magazines, all the way to global multinationals to help them get the most out of their data. And this can be done through both static or interactive visualizations, for online or print, although I mostly focus on the static, creative side of data visualization.

For each project I design my visualizations completely custom build. Starting from the actual data & goals, not the “available charts”. Resulting in engaging, beautiful and effective visualizations of the data. And taking the creativity one step further, I also love to turn numbers into data art or branding material, since your company’s data is inherently unique. Something that entices the eye first and foremost while still hinting at patterns found in the data.

I can take on the entire data visualization process. From data analysis, to design, to creating the final stand-alone piece. But I can also focus only on the design and prototype of the visualization and afterwards act as an advisor to your own front-end developers or analysts. Get in touch to discuss what works best for you!

I’m not taking on dashboards, dataviz tools, or highly interactive visuals

I focus only on creating visualizations that use a fixed dataset. I want to help you get the insights from that dataset across to your audience in a captivating and effective way. Therefore, I am not taking on:

After a few years of experience I know now that I'm an experimenter, a prototyper, looking for a creative, unique & interesting angle.

Nice things people have said about working with me

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Nadieh to come up with design concepts […] Her creativity and enthusiasm comes through in every conversation, and she struck a great balance between meeting our stated requirements and proposing ideas from new perspectives. Despite a nine-hour time zone difference, communication was no problem. I highly recommend working with Nadieh if you get the chance!

Joe Cheng | RStudio

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