A Closer Look at Labor
The number of employed persons by occupation & age | US
In this visualization you can investigate how the 146 million employed persons in 2014 were divided up between ~550 different occupations. The occupations are grouped and even subgrouped. Each grey colored circle encloses all occupations that fall under its umbrella name. Each white circle is finally an actual profession and further shows the age distribution within that occupation. You can click on any of the circles to zoom in or search for an occupation with the search box below

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The size of each white circle is scaled according to the number of persons employed. The bigger the circle, the more people who are working in that occupation
Number of employed persons
in thousands

A few examples: the "Food preparations & Serving related occupations" employ relatively young people, but the "Lifeguards" have an even younger population with about half of them below 19 years old. Whereas the "Farmers" see a linear climb towards older ages, more than half is older than 55 (that's 745,000 people). "Nurses" are actually are rather normally distributed over ages. What does your (desired) occupation look like?
Created by Nadieh Bremer | VisualCinnamon.com | Data: Bureau of Labor Statistics