Created during August 2023

The IHRA Charter for Safeguarding Sites

For the release of the “Charter for Safeguarding Sites” by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) I created an interactive data visualization that reveals the sixteen threats, risks and challenges outlined in the Charter and how different Holocaust sites are facing different combinations of these threats. The Charter also proposes many solutions to these threats. By hovering over any threat or site, the visual reveals what solutions can help to mitigate the threats. The visual also has the capability of handling up to ±80 more sites, which will automatically get spread out along the bottom.

A screenshot of the visualization when no interaction is happening, revealing the holocaust sites in a wide arc along the bottom, the 16 threats from IHRA' charter in the center and the many solutions from the charter in an arc above those. In between those are semi-transparent lines that connect these three different layers of information.
A screenshot of the visualization showing the result when hovering over a specific holocaust site. It reveals all the threats and risks that this site faces, and also all the solutions connected to these threats

The fundamental design for this piece came from one of the visuals I created about UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage, specifically to show the threats facing some of them. However, since each dataset is unique, I customized the visual design to fit with this different dataset, the new brand guidelines of IHRA, while also being respectful of the data representing various Holocaust sites.

Nine different sites were used for the release of the visualization, with the hope that other sites would want to be presented as well, and share their information with IHRA. I added a functionality that would automatically pick up any additional sites added to the dataset and spread them out along the bottom of the visual. This way the visual can grow to include up to ±80 sites without any additional (coding) work needed. To facilitate this, I also wrote documentation and showed the team at IHRA how they could easily add new sites to the data.

*image on the right: Jasenovac

A screenshot of the data visualization while hovering over a threat in the center, thereby showing the connection to all the possible solutions and what holocaust sites are facing this threat
A screenshot of a laptop showing the interactive data visualization as it appears on IHRA's website

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