Created during December 2014

Switching between phone brands

For the Dutch version of the Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey, Deloitte asked 2000 residents of the Netherlands about their mobile phone behavior. The respondents gave information about the brand of their current main phone, and the brand of their previous main phone, and their answers are visualized in this data story.

Explaining what the 'hills' mean
Hovering over a brand arc highlights all the chords connected to it
The scene after all outer arcs have been revealed
Explaining what the 'hills' mean

After viewing a talk by Michael Freeman on the Strata conference in Barcelona at the end of November 2014 on Storytelling with data I was inspired to try and tackle one of the visualizations I have most trouble with in terms of explaining to an audience; a chord diagram. I set up the chord diagram piece by piece, explaining what each section means and how it all comes together to tell the story about phone brand switching.

You can read more in my blog about the insights and the approach of Storytelling with data.

The final scene before the interactive visual