Created during February 2015

Traffic accidents

This infographic gives a visual way for the viewer to compare the number of traffic accidents in the Netherlands during 2013 to weather patterns, school holidays and daylight hours.

The complete 'Traffic Accidents' poster

At work I was discussing with some colleagues what external datasets we could use to create a prediction model of burglaries. And suddenly I thought that perhaps the same datasets could also say something about the number of traffic accidents. I had wanted to make a circular visualization for a while and this seemed like a good opportunity.

I found all datasets I had in mind; the traffic accidents, the amount of rain, the snow days (tucked away in PDF reports), holidays and the number of daylight hours. I created three line charts based on these numbers in R and imported them in Illustrator where I bend them into a circle and added all the colors, icons and annotations. For the latter I searched the news for that particular date to see if anything could be found relating to traffic jams.