Data visualization tools, books, blogs & snippets that I find valuable

I’ve created three lists summarizing my favorite resources in the creation of my data visualization projects. These are by no means a complete lists, but a collection of those resources that I found extremely valuable. I use them either on a daily basis or I’ve learned several valuable lessons from them. Also some tutorials that I still have to do but I want to share anyway because they seem extremely useful. In short you could see this as my favorites folder, but then with an actual effort to sort the links and annotate them

If you have any additions for one of these lists, just let me know in the comments of one of the sections and I’ll check it out!

Visualization Resources

My go-to visualization resources. I often find myself on these pages during a project when I need specific tools, web apps, plugins or when I need help to create a nice color palette. This page also contains several links to help with inspiration and staying up to date about the recent additions to the world of Data Visualization, supplying lists of blogs or data visualization catalogues

Learning DataViz

On this page I have combined materials to help you get started with data visualization if you’re also a self-taught data visualization creator like me. There are lists about tutorials and pages that outline the general idea of how to become a data visualization specialist. Learn the principles & right tools and read about others explaining their design process

DataViz Book Reviews

One of the first things I did after deciding to throw myself into data visualization was to read a big collection of books about best practices. I’ve written extensive reviews on each of these on this page in the hopes it will help you decide which book to buy next